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!DS/DT: Cute and sweet Clothes I don't wear anymore.

"Fri, Feb. (2011)" | 10:40 an
location: New York City
mood: optimistic optimistic

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Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et

"Fri, Feb. (2011)" | 10:40 an
location: woodhaven
mood: Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop
music: O.R.T. (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)

How much debt do you have?

Happy to report that for a 2nd year college student who is into fashion (and spends like crazy)I have NONE!!! WHOOP, WHOOP!! Go DOlly Go Dolly It may seem Like a drag but:
-Stay with your parents untill you have a carrer
-Go to a 2 year college first to cut the cost of the 4 year you may want to go to
-Love your great grandparents, their children (your grandma or grandpa) and their siblings
-Get hit by a car at 7 wait until your 18 to get the money and hide 2,000 of it from yourself in investments
-Last I saw this on the news quote "don't take out a loan bigger than what you will make your first year in your carrer!"
-My personal saying don't get a credit card until you have a carrer!!
Point 4 was a joke ha....ha....ha?

My feed back

"Fri, Feb. (2011)" | 10:40 an


Calling all lolis in queens

"Fri, Feb. (2011)" | 10:40 an
location: woodhaven
mood: Yip, yip Yip, yip
music: Good ship lollipop

Queens Lolis ,
Let’s plan a meet up!! A place a date and time is needed! I'm thinking Friday, Saturday or Sunday, anytime. If a loli has church we must reconsider so no one is left out!! My recommendations:
Plan for the 28, 29, or 30 So we can get money together!!

Alice tea cup
http://alicesteacup.com/ we would have to pick which one they are at the top right of the page
The rose house
http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g47729-d1049730-Reviews-Rose_House-Flushing_New_York.html I know the shopping area (IT IS N-A-S-T-Y!!! in a good way!!!)

We can pick a starting point. A real coomon place for queens lolitas then venture off into the concrete jungle!
If there are any more recommendations pm or post a comment, or everyone gets to take a turn in picking a place when we get to know each other (can't wait for that)

Help with community sells

"Fri, Feb. (2011)" | 10:40 an
location: woodhaven, NY
mood: woop woop woop woop
music: Into dust

I'm a 2 month old lolita with only bodyline I want real brand and I made this live journal at 1 in the morning TO BUY!!! (even though I have been lurking around for a year or so for lolita research [seriously I researched for 2 years after high school I can write a paper!]) but there is a terms I still don't understand! What is a pm when it comes to selling and buying on lolita community sites? I intend on staying with live journal and I would like to know how the feed back thing works as well. For a buyer it is less scary to see the the proof photos but I don't want the seller to freak because I have no feed back yet (when i get some it will be good!). Oh boy...

I have to get ready for church and by ready EAT ALOT!!! Church is 4 HOURS!!! Every one is sturring it must be time. Thank you to anyone who can respond.